Confidence Cultivated: Seeing Yourself as One of a Kind

“A healthy soul is well integrated when all the parts – body, mind, and will – are working together”       -John Ortberg, Soul Keeping

There’s nothing wrong with seeing yourself as a one of a kind creation!
Somehow, we in the church have developed a mindset that if we look in the mirror and like what we see, then that is pride. We can take pride in ourselves without being prideful. There’s a difference! It’s saying that God created you and then said, “It is good.”
The trick: See yourself in a balanced fashion. There will be physical traits that you like more than others. That is okay! But to focus only the things that you perceive as negative is not allowed. Once you start to see yourself in truth and in proper balance, watch how those perceived negative traits don’t stare back at you as much as they used to.
Daily Routine:
Focus on what you DO like when you look in the mirror.
Play up your assets (in a healthy way, of course, and not to draw attention that would have wrong motives).
Do not allow your identity as a woman be seen or determined by through what is only on the outside!

Coaching Exercise:

This week I will focus on this physical trait that I like about myself:
This is the hardest of all! Watch what you tell yourself about yourself! Does this make sense?
Do not…
Compare yourself to others on any level!
Think of it this way….When you do this, do you usually “win” in this mental game? Point: It’s a no-win situation.
Watch and be mindful what our society or friends say is “beauty.” It’s a moving standard that has no truth in it. Give yourself permission to also focus on those internal traits that aren’t seen.
Focus your mind’s eye on speaking truth to yourself about yourself. If written affirmation are needed so you can read and see the truth instead of lies (what society says is the standard), then write on index cards so you can see them every day. You will eventually see yourself as the incredible one of a kind creation you truly are!

Coaching Exercise:

“I am one of a kind because….”
(You may fill in the blanks with physical characteristics, personality traits, passions, or abilities where you excel).
The wonderful part about this is that God has created us with choice. How does this apply to the concept of confidence? We have it within our psyche (literally) to make the choice how we will view ourselves! It’s not left to other people to determine your self-worth or esteem.
Although it’s nice to hear positive things from other people, it’s not the barometer for our confidence.

Coaching Exercise:
“Today I choose to celebrate who I am in Christ.”
“I am a work in progress on all levels.”
“I am accepted for who I already am!”
“I don’t have to become someone in Christ’s eyes. He already sees me as His beloved child.”
“I will not allow my peers or American culture define how I see myself.”

“I am choosing to celebrate __________________because there is no one like me and never will be. Therefore, I will focus my attention and energy on how God is growing me into the young woman he desires. That is all that matters.”

“I will not allow the evil one to speak lies into my life. I am here for a purpose that is eternal. And I am the only one who can fulfil the plan that God has for me.”


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