The Empty Nest: A Personal Reflection

For moms and dads who have dropped off their sons and daughters at college………

Hope Unveiled

I am almost seven months into this new phase of life, aptly called the “empty nest.”  Of course, I know this is the natural progression of things.  If so, then why has it been so difficult?

Life transitions – even good and natural ones – are still difficult to maneuver.  Routine answers take on a whole new meaning until you’re living through any kind of transition. This is true for a multitude of them:  children leaving home, the death of a loved one, caregiving aged parents, or even good transitions like marriage or graduation.

Why are these transitions difficult? First, in the season of time that any transition occurs – albeit expected or abrupt – it signifies a change from what “used to be” to a new reality or way of living.  Second, not only is it the transition itself, but also the things that go along with the new…

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