Feeling Ordinary and Insignificant? The Shepherds Did

Anyone feel like their day to day existence is routine and that nobody seems to notice? You are so mistaken. Be encouraged.

Hope Unveiled

There’s not much glory when it comes to being a shepherd. Interesting, then, that  “an angel of the Lord appeared to [the shepherds], and the glory of the Lord shone around them and they were terrified … suddenly a great host appeared (Luke 2:9 and 13, emphasis mine).

Holman’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary simply defines shepherds as “keeper of the sheep” (p. 1484).  A simple definition for a simple position.  What was it really that simple?  Perhaps in name and in the socioeconomic status of the day, but look at their responsibilities:

– Protecting

– Guarding

– Carrying the weak

– Feeding

– Keeping watch … at night

Day in and day out.  Mundane.  Over and over again.  No break from the routine.  No deep sleep for them while the rest of the world slept soundly. Their responsibilities remained the same from one rising sun to the next.

I wonder what…

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