Got Worry? Hope Unveiled Using 4 Tips!

Worry, anxiety, fear, and stress are tightly intertwined.  Although there are differences, this is not an exhaustive or explorative blog regarding the above listed categories. Here are four tips you can learn to implement to get a grip on worry before it grips you.

  1.  Externalize it!  

Are you a “stuffer?”  I used to be.  Worry never gets “smaller” when

you internalize.  Journal what is worrying you or talk to a friend,

counselor, life coach, trusted friend, or pastor.

2.        Explore it!

Examine those worrisome thoughts.  “I’m worried because….”

“Is this worry legitimate?”  The goal is to put worry into


3.         Embrace it!

Get a kitchen timer or use your watch to give yourself permission to

worry for 3-15 minutes.  Focus only on the worrisome thoughts.

[The brain usually gets distracted by something else after 15


4.         Extinguish it!

After the allotted time for worry is up, put it behind you and move



**If worry overflows into everyday living, please seek professional help.





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