“No Room”

“….there was no room for them…” (Luke 2:7)

A cursory reading of this passage states logistical facts as to where baby Jesus, Joseph, and Mary were turned away from or shut out of after he had been born and where he was already present.

What about us?

We can so easily do this in our modern day lives, but the story of old speaks to this truth today. We say “no room” in areas of our lives where he is desperately trying to pierce through the dark nights of our souls.

How do you say “no room?”

“God, there is no room for you in my….”

-stress …because I desire control;

-schedule…because I don’t need margin;

-relationships…because I’m satisfied with getting my way;

-marriage…because I will get the upper hand;

-parenting…because I seek to be culturally correct;

-kids’ lives…because I’m comparing my children with others’ children;

-career…because it’s all about me;

-way of perceiving life…because it’s too hard to change how I think about it;

-pain (physical or mental)…because there can’t be any good that comes from suffering;

-grief…because I don’t want to trust in a “new normal.”

Wherever you are today, remember that God has already sent his son to dwell among you.  He is Emmanuel.  You just need to open the door to your mind and heart to invite him in. “Yes, there’s room for you.” You will find him because he is already present.

Hope Unveiled.




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