Here are the top three death-bed regrets:

  1. “I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.”
  2. “I wish I had stayed more in touch with my friends.”
  3. “I wish I had lived a life truer to my dreams instead of what others expected of me.”

How do you feel when you read each of these statements?  Do any or all of them describe your current situation? On a Likert Scale of 1-5, how would you rate yourself for each sentence, with “1” being “Doesn’t describe me at all” to “5” being “Describes me accurately?”

Stress management addresses these issues and more.  Why?  Because all actions and behaviors are a result of unspoken beliefs, assumptions, perceptions, and automatic thoughts about how you believe life is to operate.  These beliefs are rarely questioned.  And when they are, it is because an event of some kind has caused you to stop and evaluate.

Unfortunately, American culture doesn’t work in your favor.  Take a trip to Europe and notice the cultural differences.  Dinners last at least a couple of hours.   Real dinners.  Real food.  Real friendships.  Real family time.  Real connections.  And yet you are surprised when these things you need and crave the most are within your control to change and yet you do nothing.

Take the first step.  Be honest about whether any of the above statements apply to you.  And be encouraged with this very important fact:  If you’re reading this post, you have time to make changes in your life.  Start today!

The next blog post will address how to start making changes that will change up how you’re “doing” life.





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