Anxious Living: Cultivating Resiliency




A new day is coming if you learn to cultivate resiliency. And that’s great news!  Therein lies HOPE.  You can learn new techniques for becoming more resilient in the midst of seasons of life when you are stressed.

This easy acrostic will assist in remembering these tools.  Today I will share the “R” for  R.E.S.I.L.I.E.N.C.Y.

  • RISE
    • Begin the morning with a prayer of gratitude.  Give the day to God.  How easy it is to take a new day for granted.  Remember, He goes before you in your day and the details that will be in it.  You are not alone!
    • Choose to release worry and regret (an earlier post gives practical tools for worry).
    • I’m not trying to be blunt or harsh, but if you walk through your day with worry and regret, how is it working for you? You do it, and I’ve done it.  The good news is that we each make the choice to stay chained or released.
    • As simplistic as it sounds, developing daily and bedtime routines are crucial in combatting stress.
    • If you are going through a time of grief or loss, (e.g. divorce, relationship, etc.), recapture the positive memories and “delete” the negative ones.  This is intentional disengaging from the unpleasant memories that cloud thinking and keep you stuck in the past.

How you interpret, reflect, and evaluate what you’re going through is crucial to emotional well being (or not).  So make the choice to put yourself in a better place.  You’re worth it!


**The techniques listed above are from various sources for stress management, neurobiology, counseling, and coaching.






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