Celebrating Who You DO Have


If today is a “glass half empty” day for you, please keep reading (and stop scrolling through Facebook).

Maybe your father is gone.

Maybe your father is still alive, but isn’t present.

Maybe your father has “checked out” in some form or fashion for reasons you may come to understand in years to come.

My father who has been gone since 2001 would have qualified for all the above. While life is  mysterious and complicated, goodness and forgiveness abound.  There’s not a Father’s Day that goes by that I don’t remember  and truly miss my dad. And now with a whole lot more understanding and insight than my younger self realized.

But I felt compelled to shift my focus this year, so please come along with me as I explain…

Currently, the men you see in this photograph “have my back.”  As I gazed at this impromptu photo taken a few weeks ago, I began to think about each of them in a special way.  Why?  Because these are the men who I focus on today. No, not all of them are fathers, and that’s my point.  For me, these men – in their unique ways – influence me more than anyone else I know.  Here’s why:

For one of them, I am learning what it means to shake up the status quo and look at the world and people differently.  To think and rethink.

For another, I am learning what it means to never complain and to live out a life that is honoring whether anyone notices or not. To love and be lovely.

For the third, I am learning what it means to view blessings and opportunities humbly while seeking a greater purpose.  To reserve and to serve.

For the last one,  the father of my sons, I am learning what it means to partner continually with a sense of “we-ness.” To tackle that which delights and dismays.

Each man in this photo impacts and influences me to become a better person.  I see in them who I am yet to be.  The mirror they hold up causes me to see a reflection of who I truly am and how I need to change. To reflect and introspect.

Celebrate the men in your life who “have your back” and encourage you to be a better version of yourself.  I challenge you to pick up the phone and call (no texts allowed) someone who has touched your life in a special way, whether they are fathers or not.

The glass is half full, remember?




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