Eat Clean in 2017!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to a New Year! A New Year means resolutions and change for many.  And you can guess what the number 1 resolution is:  weight loss.

For me, it’s not just that I’ve overeaten…I have pretty much binged on sugar. So now the clean eating begins….

When I say, “clean eating,” do you feel defeated?  Don’t!  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1.  Protein
  2.  Veggies
  3.  Healthy fats

As long as you have these items on hand, along with some kitchen basics (e.g. reduced sodium broth), you can eat clean EASILY.

Here’s how simple this original recipe was….

Leftover zucchini, red bell peppers, sweet onions, green beans, chicken meatballs, and chicken broth.  Add cracked pepper or other spices if desired.

In summary, sauté any and all veggies you have on hand.  Add broth and protein.  You’re done!  It really is THAT easy.

Soup with protein and vegetables fills you up and gives you all of what you need to eat clean.

This is Hope Unveiled.



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