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Confidence Unveiled: Physical Identity


Let’s remove some veils before we smother.

We are living in a culture of extremes that glorifies the smallest to the biggest of sizes.

We are either obsessing with appearance (WDYT) or settling with health (FOFO). And, because we’re at one extreme or the other, we usually “weigh in” with either pride or despair….

Can anyone relate?

In the event you don’t think I’m reality based, here are recent facts to substantiate:

  1.  1 in 2 deaths in the U.S. is due to lifestyle choices.
  2.  Plastic surgery apps on your phone now make it possible to cut yourself to a smaller size before posting onto social media.



We listen to the voices of culture that begin to play inside our minds creating thick, internal veils….

“I’ll never measure up.”

“What good does it do to take care of myself? I’ll die of something…”

Culture sways…Satan speaks….We hit “Play” and our Identity is Taken Away!

Whenever you compare yourself to others, you’re actually lowering your standard because you’re one of a kind…the unique combination of your physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual components that make up YOU in totality.

Let’s offer some HOPE, shall we?

What would it be like to approach each new day with the following mindset….

“What can I do today to care for my body?”

“How can I eat properly so my body and mind are nurtured well?”

“How can I work my body to keep it strong and active?”

“How can I appreciate (and even like!) the one body God gave me?” (Psalm 139)

“How can I use this body to fulfill God’s earthly mission since it’s the vessel He has given me to accomplish my daily tasks?”

A healthy balance is to take pride in your appearance without being prideful.

A healthy balance is to be proactive with your health, especially if you know your medical history.

The question ISN”T “Why Do I?”…. The question IS “Why Wouldn’t I?”

Two points to offer hope:

  1. Selectively focus on the traits you DO you like when you gaze in the mirror!
  2. Focus on what you’ve got; stop trying to look like someone you’re not!

Remove those veils of obsessing and settling and UNVEIL some confidence today.




Eat Clean in 2017!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to a New Year! A New Year means resolutions and change for many.  And you can guess what the number 1 resolution is:  weight loss.

For me, it’s not just that I’ve overeaten…I have pretty much binged on sugar. So now the clean eating begins….

When I say, “clean eating,” do you feel defeated?  Don’t!  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1.  Protein
  2.  Veggies
  3.  Healthy fats

As long as you have these items on hand, along with some kitchen basics (e.g. reduced sodium broth), you can eat clean EASILY.

Here’s how simple this original recipe was….

Leftover zucchini, red bell peppers, sweet onions, green beans, chicken meatballs, and chicken broth.  Add cracked pepper or other spices if desired.

In summary, sauté any and all veggies you have on hand.  Add broth and protein.  You’re done!  It really is THAT easy.

Soup with protein and vegetables fills you up and gives you all of what you need to eat clean.

This is Hope Unveiled.


Why Women Need Other Women

I’ve never been “in” to girl drama.  But there’s HOPE!

Needing other women in my life has absolutely nothing to do with drama.  It has everything to do with the value they bring to my life. My peers. Older. Younger.

This past week I deeply missed our sons for family vacation.  But what did God do for me?  He confirmed for me what I will affirm for you:  Women need other women.

Here’s why:

The physiology of our brains is similar (unlike our male counterparts). We literally process life and relationships differently.  Women have more connective tissue between the two hemispheres which, in turn, allows for differences in communication and understanding.

We need to carve out time to BE with these special women face to face.

Social media does not take the place for this kind of shared space. 

We need same age peers to encourage us. My trusted peers have been part of my life for decades.  They’ve seen me at my best and worst.  

We share milestones and stumbling stones. Through it all, they are my stepping stones.

We need older women to teach us.  My older female friend has been a part of my life since I was a toddler.  I learn from her in ways she doesn’t even know.  She encourages me as a woman, wife, and as a mother. She’s wiser, gentler, and kinder.

She is further along on the path.  Through it all, she is my corner stone.

We need younger women to inform us. We must stay abreast of current societal and cultural trends. I’m older and (hopefully) wiser, but I don’t know it all.  And the challenges that affect generations after us are unlike any that we’ve experienced.

They clarify culture, refine me, and polish my understanding.  Through it all, they are my gem stones.

Do you have generations on each side of you to teach you?  Do you have trusted friends – just a few – to encourage you?

Don’t look for “girl” drama.  Look for real HOPE by connecting with a selected few.

This is Hope Unveiled.




Anxious Living: Plate Juggling


This post will be the first in a series on stress management.

You’ve probably said it when someone inquires how you’re doing:

“I’ve got too many plates to juggle.”  “Busy.”  “A lot going on.”  “Trying to keep up.”  Here’s a fact:  Whatever happens (or doesn’t) during the day is drastically affecting the quality of sleep in this country.

If you REALLY want to get a grip on your proverbial plates, you must examine and evaluate what your priorities are.  REALLY.  It’s not an issue of time management, it’s an issue of personal management. Here are some coaching tips for managing all your “plates.” Ask yourself these questions:

  1.  What keeps your daily schedule so busy that you have no cushion or margin? Write down those daily activities that devour your day.
  2.  What stresses you? Stress is unique, and what stresses you is probably different from what stresses out someone else.
  3.  What are your BELIEFS that drive your behavior?  Remember:  All actions only follow a set of (automatic) beliefs that motivate you to keep juggling.

You may feel that you have no choice.  Guess again.  And that’s the good news….you DO have a choice!

Start with the basics:

-Examine your schedule, your spouse’s schedule, and your kids’ schedule.  What needs to go?  A huge part of stress management is learning to say “NO” to many things, often good things.

-Stay true to what you value as a family. Time with each other. Down time. Yes, down time is good.  Parents, allow your children to see you relaxing and don’t sign them up for too many extra curricular activities.  Believe it or not, they’ll be in college with or without the padded resume.  They’ll be just fine.

-Think about 5 years from now.  Will you be content to say you “did it right” and slowed down long enough to place an emphasis on what is REALLY important to you? If you keep up this pace will you have later regrets?

-Make room for relationships.  Yes, intentional scheduling to be with friends.  It won’t happen by default. Your “to do” list will be forgotten.  How you developed relationships won’t.

Get rid of some of your “plates.”  You can only eat off one at a time.

This is Hope Unveiled.



Why A “Walk in the Park” Doesn’t Cut It….

If you’re not used to any exercise, then please consult your physician to see what your health allows before beginning any program.  Small, doable steps are a necessity that realistically push you in the direction of change.

If, however, your exercise regimen is producing little to no results, you may want to consider the fact that you’re not exercising within your target heart rate zone.

Here’s a simple formula for figuring out how many beats per minute you need to reach for a minimum of 20 minutes:

Subtract your age from 220.  Multiply this number by:  .50 if you are a beginner; multiple by .60 or .70 if you are used to moderate exercise; multiply by .75 if you’re an athlete. The resulting number is the beats per minute your heart needs to reach a fat burning zone.

As always, if weight loss is your goal, please take a look at your food intake.  This is usually 80% of the issue!