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IMG_1997.JPGLearning to live well is as simple as your ABCs. Let’s think holistically, shall we?


The very first step toward change is realizing that a change needs to be made. Insight. Awareness. Call it what you’d like, but it’s the very first step.


Nothing changes if it only goes as far as your thought process. [The counseling arena as a 5 point process to acknowledge the complexity of our thought lives in deciding to DO something with our lives.] And, lest we fool ourselves, it’s not up to anyone but us. Proactivity. Period.


This is also known as replacement theory. You can try to delete, delete, delete, but there HAS to be something to take the place of that which you are deleting or else you feel depraved or default back into the comfort zone that you’ve known and become all to familiar with.

Whether it is your physical body, your thought life, your friend group, your spiritual life, it’s prudent to be intentional about making the wisest choices possible that are within your locus of control.

On a singular level, let’s take food. I love it. Period. But I have to A) Acknowledge where my vulnerabilities are [sugar], B) Be intentional about drawing boundaries that work for me, and C) Change out one thing for another.

Here’s an easy one. Substitute romaine lettuce leaves for bread. Yes, you can. Create a new mindset about what you usually do for your meals and replace it with a new, wiser choice.

Can you delete a number of things from your daily intake? One thing at a time? What has worked for you? What hasn’t worked? Whatever you decide, it has to be realistic and achievable.

Try this healthy swap. Eat clean in 2017. And if you need a little help getting started, visit Amazon for my Recipes Unveiled cookbook to get you started!

This is Hope Unveiled!

**The above meal has substituted romaine lettuce for bread, apple chips for potato chips, and a turkey burger for red meat.




In that order, that’s my personal progression of late.

Time for honesty.  The ONLY reason I left the comfort of my warm house on a rainy, cold January day is this:  my new workout clothes from @Calvin Klein.  That’s it.  I decided to use gift money on something that would give me a REASON for action.

How about you?

Do you feel guilty that you’ve eaten too much?

Do you dread the idea of working out?

Take on the mindset of replacement / substitutes.  Replace the bad food with choices that take the place of what you’re deleting. Another post this week will elaborate on this concept.

Replace your old workout wear with something new, fresh, and bright.

If you need a jumpstart on food, fashion, and fitness – all grounded in faith – you may want to head over to Amazon and pick up a copy of my book Change Unveiled.  Gather with friends and talk about these topics.

Remember:  It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, it matters where you’re going!

This is Hope Unveiled!


Serving Up Another #HPMKT Experience

No one understands the preparation it takes for the International High Point Furniture Market unless they are involved in some capacity.  Each person has their respective duties, whether it’s designing, planning, delivering, setting up, or dismantling.  And oh the time it takes before the Market even begins…
The sights and colors of the showroom wares where I work are eye candy to lure in any visitor.  Beautifully coordinated paint and furnishings are backdrops to the decor on display, each color group sectioned off to stand alone to the buying eye.
And tucked away amongst the palettes of color is the market kitchen.  Not just a kitchen, but a room with a view, where I can look out my window to drink in the fashions of the season.
My role is a self imposed one that I have enjoyed for the previous four Markets – catering a showroom solo.  Planning, buying, cooking, serving, hosting, and cleaning, to be exact.  And I love every minute of it.  Why?  Because I love to create and cook.  This list gives just a glimpse into the amounts purchased for consumption (think Christmas …. ):
12 heads of lettuce, 11 pounds of poultry, 10 tiers of cookies, 9 bags of popcorn, 8 drinks in liters, 7 sleeves of crackers, 6 cups of sour cream, 5 golden plates……, 4 egg casseroles, 3 bags of ice, 2 bags of bacon, and a continuous bowl of chocolate candy.  Give or take.
The sights and sounds of my kitchen work move in rhythm to the sounds on the speakers, keeping me on track in an upbeat fashion for a daily 11 hour shift.  The usual sounds can be heard – chopping, clanging, and cleaning.  But the sounds that mean the most are not the ones I create, but those shared for my listening ears:
▪ The rep who wants a second helping of homemade cornbread for a late night snack or for the drive home.
▪ The designer from a neighboring state who compliments the availability of healthy food while sharing her story of a changed life because of nutritional changes.
▪ The buyers who share that their adult daughter is intentional about feeding her family well who also influences the lives of the Millennials in her circle of influence.
▪ The rep who, with tears in her eyes, shares that she is so thankful her adult child is getting the necessary help and support to move forward in life.
The beautiful table filled with homemade food for visitors is just an appetizer to what is really on the showroom menu.  The food is served and consumed.  But the food for the soul is that which lasts – a smile, a sharing of a story, and serving up a good experience for those I meet.
These are the sights and sounds that last after the table has been cleared and cleaned until next time.  These are the memories that linger long after the menu is forgotten.